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How to get Poplink airdrop:

Poplink Oracles is a decentralized Oracles network system based on the DPOS consensus mechanism. It aims to create a persistent network protocol that can provide real-world data and scalability for blockchain. It was selected as one of the 21 most promising blockchain projects in 2021 by the Singapore Blockchain Research Institute. 

Poplink airdrop is a very easy cryptocurrency airdrop. The total airdrop pool is 2,000,000 POPO tokens, valued at around 600k USD according to the token price in the presale. You can get 65 POPO tokens in total for completing easy social media tasks and filling the airdrop form. For more details visit this Medium post. Also, you can read more about Poplink on our blog.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Poplink airdrop:

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