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How to get TheCryptoStones airdrop:

TheCryptoStones is an NFT project that provides 4096 rare gemstones consisting of 8 different minerals, 16 cuttings, 8 sizes and 4 translucency types. TheCryptoStones smart contract lives on Ethereum blockchain and hosts all the content on IPFS. Possibility to get one of 32 very unique crypto chess pieces when you collect gemstones in a specific way. It’s impossible to buy them in the beginning, so they actually have to be collected! Every single piece can be 3D printed (an owner is able to download a 3D model), then you may meet other owners and play real chess!

TheCryptoStones airdrop is a giveaway. There will be four winners of the lottery. Winners will get a special NFT.

Step-by-step guide on how to get TheCryptoStones airdrop:

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