What is a Crypto Airdrop?

How you can use it to make your crypto portfolio impressive and with no efforts involved in it.

When I first encountered this Airdrop stuff, the 1st question that came to my mind is that “why someone will give their money for free?” but then, my curiosity flooded my mind, and then I started researching about this.

Believe me, guys, there are lots of opportunities in this Internet world if you are eager to find that one, and Crypto Airdrops are one of them where you can literally earn profits. So in this article, I will try to answer all the questions about Airdrops and try to Destroy the myths about them.

In the cryptocurrency world, an Airdrop stands for free crypto tokens, which you can earn by doing simple tasks on different social media platforms. They commonly occur up to 1 to 3 months before the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The reason for an airdrop is that new projects want to create awareness for their project, and they also want to attract new potential investors for their upcoming project.

The main goal is to get users who spread information through different social media channels about their projects. Mostly it’s about sharing and liking posts on their social media channels. This will raise awareness and attract new potential investors. A high user base has a positive impact on the token value. That’s the reason why they are giving you tokens for free — That’s the way how they promote their project!

There are different types of airdrops:

It would be helpful if you had different social media accounts and crypto wallets to participate in airdrops. Below you can find a list of the most important social media accounts.

Create a Crypto wallet — You need to create different blockchain wallets to be able to receive airdrops. We would recommend you to have at least a wallet for ERC20 tokens. Based on our experience, 90% of all crypto airdrops are created on the Ethereum Chain.

Create Social Media accounts — We would recommend having at least a Telegram, Twitter and Facebook account. If you have participated in an airdrop, never leave any social media channel before you’ve received the tokens of the airdrop. Otherwise, this can lead to disqualification.

There are many people out there who want to scam and betray you. The most important rule is that you never give your account data (private key, password) to anyone — The only data you can share without risk are the public keys of your wallets!

If you follow these rules, you should be on the safe side:

Usually, it takes 3–6 months until you get your tokens. You don’t have an exact date, as the reason that you have to wait is that airdrops take place before the ICO

I will leave the links to the websites where you can directly get your Airdrops.

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