Lisk Blockchain Day to Take Place in Berlin Ahead of WeAreDevelopers Conference

Lisk, the accessible blockchain platform for building applications with JavaScript, has revealed the agenda for the once-off Lisk Blockchain Day aimed at blockchain developers, taking place on Monday, June 13th, in the Lisk Center Berlin.

The Lisk Blockchain Day will update the Lisk community with highly-anticipated research and development progress while attracting new developers and supporting the mass onboarding of blockchain solutions. Key highlights of the Lisk Blockchain Day agenda include: 

Key highlights of the Lisk Blockchain Day agenda include: 

June 13th

An introduction to Lisk and Blockchain Applications in Javascript from Alessandro Ricottone, Head of Research and Jan Hackfeld, Chief Research Officer

A workshop for budding developers on how to start building blockchain applications through the Lisk SDK 

WeAreDevelopers guest speaker, Michael Ionita discussed ‘Smart Contract Architecture: How to not get punished by the blockchain’

What is the future of blockchain interoperability? Lisk and Cosmos: Panel discussion

Other agenda items include a panel discussion on the Lisk Interoperability Solution and what the future of blockchain interoperability looks like, with guest speaker Susannah Evans, IBC Product Lead at Interchain on behalf of Cosmos. The Lisk Interoperability Solution will enable Lisk sidechains to connect with the mainchain, providing a fully functional ecosystem for decentralized applications to interact and transact with one another. 

The Lisk Blockchain Day will be followed by the WeAreDevelopers Conference taking place on the 14th and 15th of June in the convention centre CityCube, Berlin. In addition to sponsoring WeAreDevelopers, Lisk will hold workshops for developers who wish to take part and have a booth on-site for participants to learn more about the Lisk SDK, as well as connect to their fellow developers building on the Lisk platform.

Max Kordek, CEO and co-founder of Lisk said: “The Lisk Blockchain Day will enable us to offer developers aspiring to build on blockchain the opportunity to learn about the Lisk SDK and upcoming Lisk Interoperability Solution, to ask questions and to engage with their fellow developers. This event, followed by Lisk’s presence at the WeAreDevelopers, will bring the Lisk community together with developers from around the world, to network and learn how to better build applications on the Lisk ecosystem.”

The Lisk Blockchain Day is not the first major event to be held by Lisk, having hosted their most recent event Amplifire, where a series of significant developments were announced which will see the network become more accessible than ever before. This included the implementation of its interoperability roadmap as well as Lisk’s planned expansion into the DeFi market with the anticipated launch of the Lisk Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

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