This Cryogen ICO review will go in the depths of this ambitious and unique project.  A project which aims to develop a technology to reverse death by the use of cryopreservation and reverse biology. The technology is based on cryonics, which is the study and research of technology that can permit deep cooling of tissues, organs and bodies of humans and animals, thus preserving their structural integrity, while working on solutions that will reverse the death process and restore the tissues or organs to their previous functional state.

Cryopreservation does not only have futuristic applications. It is already in use today in preserving cadavers as well as providing a cooled environment for transportation and preservation of organs meant for transplantation. Even in cardiac surgery, the heart is usually cooled to shut down its metabolism and protect it from wearing out by catabolism as it is taken from the donor to the recipient.

The current method can only help in preserving such organs for a few hours, and transport by helicopter is still a widely used method. In many countries, such efficiency and speed in transporting organs is still not available, and the ability to be able to preserve organs for a long time while still retaining their functionality is something which is desirable and still being actively researched into.

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The Problem

There are still areas of human existence which are challenged and may benefit from cryopreservation.

a) Ageing and death
The ageing process is irreversible, and death is an inevitable end for every one of us. But death also comes with fast decay of the body process, necessitating burial or cremation. All we are left with are memories of loved ones. Supposing it were possible to cryopreserve out bodies either for posterity (and have physical presence with our loved ones to reduce their pain? Presently, this has not been achieved.

b) Lack of Donor Cryobanks
Any organs harvested for transplant purposes can only be removed and transplanted within a space of 3 hours. This requires the deployment of human and material resources which have to be deployed quickly. Many patients on transplant lists have died waiting for the perfect donor and the perfect timing. A lack of donor cryopreservation banks means that there are lots of logistic challenges in the organ harvest and transplantation process.

c) Lower life expectancy and usage ratio
The present systems for cryopreservation of medical products and donor organs are inadequate. Blood and blood products cannot be stored beyond a month; after this time they have to be discarded. There is a lot of wastage, loss of products and expectedly, far greater loss of life than could have been saved if such products were to be cryopreserved.

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The Solution

The Cryogen Project is aiming to develop several cryogenic based solutions to some of the issues we see with the human race that are highly dependent on cheap, effective and long-lasting preservation.

What does Cryogen Project bring to the table as its unique selling proposition?

  • Transparency is a key currency of the Cryogen Project. Many groundbreaking research projects that deal with aspects of human existence considered sacred (e.g. stem cell research) are usually shrouded in secrecy, and there have been instances where the research projects took unethical directions.
  • Improvements in vitrification technology (deep cooling of the whole body without ice formation).
  • Development of safer and non-toxic cryoprotectants.
  • Development of donor organ cryogenic banks.
  • Neuropreservation and whole body preservation for possibility of future life restoration.

Why the Blockchain Technology is Needed

The Cryogen Project is headed by Valeria Udalova as CEO and Co-Founder. Why is it important for Krio Rus to take this project to the blockchain? Some reasons are as follows:

  1. Ease of Funding: Cryonics and cryogenic projects are extremely capital intensive. Not only is it difficult to scale the various hurdles for funding required by financial institutions and venture capitalists, it is also difficult to pool money from like-minded investors ready to invest long-term in this project. The blockchain allows the company raise money through ICOs, which has proven to be a faster method of raising a lot of capital quickly.
  2. Transparency: Blockchain projects are transparent and cannot be manipulated by a single individual.

What are the pros of the Cryogen Project project?

  1. The company has been in existence for a number of years and has worked on several collaborative projects with the Swiss government.
  2. Outside of the US, Krio Rus is the largest producer of cryostats for the preservation of human bodies.
  3. The company already has to its name, several cryonics products along with a large cryonic storage and preservation facility where research is ongoing.
  4. The CryoGen Project already has products in the market and several active partnerships

There are some negatives with this project.

  1. Reversal of death and the ageing process has so far proven impossible. The possibility of this happening with CryoGen’s research is remote.
  2. The company would have to deal with a lot of resistance as to the ethical nature of its research. Many groups would question the ethicality of interfering with a natural process of ageing and death.

Token Economics

The currency of the CryoGen Project is the Cryo token, which has parity with the US Dollar. The Cryo token will be deployed to enable users do the following:

  1. Preserve human DNA, brain tissue and whole bodies at a cost of 800 CRYO, 13,500/16,200 CRYO and 32,400 CRYO respectively.
  2. Animal preservation at a cost of between 9,000 and 32,400 CRYO.
  3. Transport of organs and cryo-preserved tissue at a cost of 3,000 – 9,000 CRYO
  4. Standby services (45,000 – 90,000 CRYO) and space launches of cryopreserved patients (180,000 CRYO minimum).

The ICO intends to raise $100,000,000 has hard cap by issuing an equivalent number of tokens.

The private placement and pre-ICO sale were concluded between October 2017 and January 2018, resulting in the sale of between 500,000 and 1,000,000 tokens at 25-30% discount. The ICO proper is to hold between May 25 2018 and July 1st, 2018, where tokens will be sold at between 85% and 100% of token price. Increased interest will see a release of more tokens for sale.

Proposed Allocations

The proposed allocation of the CRYO tokens is as follows:
• Building of cryonics centers and international scaling of CryoGen: 30%
• Technology development: 25%
• Marketing, PR/GR: 20%
• Project management (including legal and administrative expenses): 15%
• Strategic partners: 5%
• Reserve fund: 5%

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Future Plans

So what is the plan for the Cryogen Project going forward? This project will be rolled out over the next four years (2018 – 2021). Key points in the rollout plan include the following:


  • Opening of new cryonic centre in Russia and renovation of existing centres.
  • PR campaigns in Europe, Asia and Russia
  • Staff expansion
  • Development of cheaper nano particles for cryopreservatives.
  • Construction of new cryogenic facility in Switzerland.


  • Construction of new anti-ageing centre in the Tver Cryonics Centre building.
  • Application for grants for research and development of reversible freezing technology for fabrics and tissue samples in Russia and Europe.
  • R&D on cryopreservation of animal tissue samples commences in large scale, using nanoparticle perfusion technology.
  • Various purchases of real estate to complement research, ongoing and future projects.


  • Commercial euthanasia technology for “mercy freezing” goes into application.
  • Securing grants for anti-ageing centre.
  • Safe and reliable reversible cryopreservation of the first organ of a large animal envisaged.
  • Project starts to show a profit.


  • Clinical trials commence.
  • Experimentation on human cadavers commences.
  • Technology for reversible cryopreservation of first human organ developed and deployed.
  • Expansion of cryonics storage network.
  • Anabiosis for deep space human flights.

For more information, or to view the company’s whitepaper, visit or visit the following links:

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