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At the start of this WRIO ICO Review let’s first talk about this world that is gradually moving away from user-based internet usage to machine-driven internet usage. This is in keeping with the increased deployment of artificial intelligence in everyday tasks and for web-powered apps. Therefore, there is an increasing need to provide users with the next generation web experience (so-called Web 3.0), using an open-source platform that can upgrade existing web 2.0 infrastructure to Web 3.0.

The WRIO Internet OS is such a platform, and is expected to provide users with a more secure and user-friendly experience while browsing or using cloud-based apps.

The Problem

The availability of data on a particular subject has always been important in determining the acceptability of a particular fact. With the increasing population of people in the world, people participating in a particular interest as well as new types and sets of data in various sectors of the world, the quantity of data available is increasing at a very rapid pace. Keeping up with the data requires constant analysis towards making the right decision to make use of the data. The data must be analyzed in a correct, useful and timely manner, for it to be useful.

This is also applicable to blockchain as well. The increasing use of blockchain has brought about the need for faster and more efficient ways of keeping data and analyzing it. The specific problems include:

  • Difficulty for an individual or even a single organization to efficiently keep track of blockchain record, without the aid of relevant software. Thus there is the need to move from the Web 2.0 version which requires more user participation to a higher system that will require more machine input and lesser human input.
  • The need for user centric services that can be automatically carried out by a system on behalf of humans, towards managing their blockchain data efficiently.
  • The need for an easily accessible system that can be accessed anywhere in real time, from anywhere.

These are to ensure that people do not lose their money in the crypto market and are able to access it whenever they need it.

The Solution

The WRIO Internet OS was introduced to provide a blockchain-powered, user-centric Web 3.0 system. The WRIO Internet OS platform is designed to significantly enhance the internet surfing experience of internet users. The Internet OS will thus, not only be useful for those who make use of the crypto market, but for everybody who uses the Internet for one reason or the other.

The individuals who use the WRIO Internet OS will be able to install cloud apps that are powered by blockchain for their crypto market activities. Furthermore, the WRIO Internet OS will provide the following solutions and benefits:

  • It will provide data processing based on a format that can be read and understood by a machine. This will make it possible to gather relevant information about a subject faster and much more easily than is presently possible. In this case, it should be possible for the platform to be able to source data related to blockchain and cryptography and analyze same data based on the needs of the user.
  • In a world where terrorism is gradually going high tech, with terrorist groups deploying the web to recruit sympathizers the world over, the use of artificial intelligence to learn, monitor and pre-empt patterns in communication that precede attacks is something very desirable. Monitoring the activities of users on the Internet based on browsing history and search engine activities is something that WRIOS OS can provide.
  • Direct browsing using the WRIO OS browser or plug-in would be possible. We would enter the era of smart browsers; browsers that will be page viewers as well as cloud applications. This will effectively eliminate the need to use desktop operating systems, and usher in the era of browser-based operating systems.
  • Elimination of desktop OS will mean that problems with piracy of software programs will be a thing of the past.

The ecosystem will be maintained by developers, entrepreneurs, users and content developers. Entrepreneurs will be able to invest in ICOs created on the platform and also pay for premium content and services. Developers will be required to develop side projects and will also create and assign tokens to projects. Creative activities such as ads creation will be done by authors and content providers, while users will be able to buy premium content, ad services and receive rewards for completed ads tasks.

Why the Blockchain Technology is Needed

The WRIO Internet OS runs on the blockchain, which confers the following beneficial characteristics:

  1. The project is built on the Ethereum consensus protocol, which features a single, unified system of user authentication that cannot be forged or duplicated.
  2. The blockchain promotes security and transparency of data.
  3. It will be possible to validate any information that lies within the global pool of data.


  • The project comes with a Minimum Viable Product. Unlike many ICOs that only have promises on paper, WRIO OS comes with a product that is already working and is in a deployable state.
  • A reward system is in place, enabling users to earn tokens or buy from exchangers once the initial coin offering is over.
  • The WRIO Internet OS is secure and safe.
  • Automatic reading and processing of data.
  • Promotes a user-centric browsing experience.
  • Ability to install relevant apps on the Internet OS.


  • Users are expected to pay some money to be able to use premium functions.
  • Competition from other Web 3.0 blockchain software and OS projects.

Token Economics

The currency of WRIO Internet OS is WebGold (WGD). It is also compatible with Ethereum ERC20. The ICO token sale is set to commence on July 31, 2018. It is expected that 20,000 WGD will exchange for 1 ETH. Interested individuals are expected to purchase a minimum of 10,000 WGD which is 0.5 ETH and a maximum of 10,000,000WGD which is equivalent to 500 ETH. The total number of WGD to be supplied is 387,500,000 WGD, with a hard cap of 310,000,000 and a soft cap of 20,000,000 WGD tokens.

Proposed Allocations

The following snapshot shows how the WGD tokens will be allocated:

80% of all WGD tokens will be allocated for sale during the pre-sale and ICO. Any tokens nt sold during this time will be burnt to preserve the cap on supply.

The remaining 20% of the WGD tokens will be allocated as follows:
– 8% will be allocated to research and development.
– 4% will be allocated for marketing and PR.
– 3% will be shared out in bounty campaigns.
– 2% will go to airdrops.
– 2% will be given to the legal advisers of the project.
– 1% will be allocated to the project advisors.

Future Plans

The project is expected to roll out over 4 years; 2018 to 2022.

– Upgrade of today’s Web 2.0 to a machine-readable Web 3.0.
– Development of minimum viable product (completed).
– Pre-sale (completed) and ICO sale.
– Marketing and PR

– Automatic correlation, classification, and cataloging of web data against users’ interest matrice.
– Launch of thin-client terminal devices.
– Further research and development.
– More marketing and PR.

2020 – 2022
– Marketing and PR continues
– Further deployment of web 3.0

It is expected that after the first sales, WGD will no longer be sold, as it is expected to be a one-time event. However, it will be possible to earn tokens on the platform or trade with individuals who have WGD for sale. This is to ensure that the system does not become oversaturated and also to ensure a steady increase in the worth of the WGD. Users can thus, be assured of a positive increase in the worth of their stock soon after the one-time sales event is over.


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