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What is Mcfly coin?

McFly is a mass urban taxi platform that aims to democratize and decentralize the managing and purchasing of air taxi services. McFly’s unique system will allow people to transfer the native token (MFL) into the vehicle’s wallet and earn physical flight time of 1 minute per 1 McFly token.

Blockchain technology is used to control the lifetime of an aerial vehicle, and to enable the decentralized marketplace (and IoT network) where owners are rewarded each time their vehicle is engaged in a flight. is a business and technology incubator for the Air Taxi industry, involving the Air Taxi Management System and an international community of its developers, operators and end users.

The time right for such an effort because of the emmergence of the electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicle. Multi million dollar investments are being placed into eVTOLs by automakers, aircraft manufacturers and big names in the Silicon Valley.

How will the tokens be used?

Normally tokens are created as purely a financial asset, however, with McFly coin the tokens will actually represent air time. 1 McFly Token equals 1 minute of flight.

The McFly ecosystem includes all of the assets that make the flight possible, as well as the vehicles, infrastructure and service providers. This allows the system to truly be decentralized and the air taxi business to take off.  Today, one-minute flights can cost almost $15 which is insanely high, and so with the use of the MFL token, you are able to get discounts and all of the financial abilities that blockchain brings. McFly aims to make the token affordable and create an economic fee structure that is fair and reliable, based on the demand and supply ratio.

According to the amount of tokens in the user’s wallet, they can get a higher class of service and priority.

Who is using this?

10 Technology Consortium Members are already supporting this initiative, over 50 experts are involved to propel growth and adoption, over 1000 entrepreneurs in 30+ cities are ready to make profits by using this emerging technology.

McFly has reached an audience of over 200,000 people, and so it shows that they are actively trying to make this project a reality, which if successful could be a very profitable purchase.

Prior to the launch of the ICO, McFly has started testing a working eVTOL prototype, which is unique in the ICO funding market. Most ICOs are purely theoretical however, McFly has taken the next step.

How to make money from this

McFly allows entrepreneurs to get involved with the actual process of this business. If an entrepreneur has a lawn or empty lot they can get involved in the air taxi management system, where it would be used as a landing / take-off pad, and additionally for battery recharge service.

The entrepreneur is able to set the rates of the space and is paid in native tokens that could grow in value as the demand peaks.

City managers are also able to join the system and offer policy and regulatory guidance. They will be responsible for air traffic control, new aircraft certification, land use, landing pads compliant architectural solutions.

Other people can join the system and offer their services, such as lawyers, architects, pilots, and aircraft managers.

Lawyers will be able to participate in the regulation of the services and policy-making, will help local entrepreneurs to deploy the future technology stack and will be rewarded with native tokens.

Architects will help with the design‑build of the pads, and will work with the lawyers on the local regulations to make sure everything is kept up to par.

This huge marketplace for services will certainly increase the demand for the coin, and will encourage more people to enter this space as blockchain becomes more popular.

Otherwise people can simply purchase and hold the native token, as more services are offered and used the token value will become more expensive and the holders will reap in the capital gains profits.

Total​ ​token​ ​supply: 30,000,000
Token​ ​type:  ERC-20
Token​ ​Price:  0.0002 ETH per token


55% – Crowdsale
15% – Bilateral agreements , large token holders
9% – Reserve
10% – Incubator
5% – Bounty
5% – Advisors
1% – Airdrop

Innovations – Ilya Khanykov
Aircraft Design – Vladimir Salatov
Panama – Samuel Anguizola
Consortium – Dmitry Popov
Finance – Toomas Allmere
Quezon – vicente Bonto
Community – Nikolay Bezhko
Marketing – Kirill Elagin
Denpasar – I Gusti Putu Oka Dayendra
PR – Ivan Kosov
Design – Victor Filippov
Chitwan – Abit Ghimire
Cybersecurity – Artem Kharchenko
Blockchain – Dmitriy Khizhinskiy
Perth – Claudio Ramirez
Director – Pierre Marc Emile Louis Roger Bogaerts

Investments and Strategy – Keith Teare
Decentralized Governance – Toni Lane Casserly
Breakthrough Aviation – Sergey Borisov
City Architecture – Vicente Guallart
Airspace Regulation – Solle Suvan
Media Strategy – John Riggins
Awareness Raising – Reuben Godfrey
Financial Controls – Toomas Allmere
Taskforce Marketplace – Collin Vine
Business Architecture – Ilya Khanykov
Air Safety – Nikolas Ivancic
Consortium Building – Dmitry Popov
Investments & Global Strategy: Europe – Torjorn Ranta
Innovation Ecosystem – Val Jerdes
Hydrogen Energy – Dr. Sergey Ananyev
Global Strategy: Middle – East – Dr. Abdualla Mangoosh
Global Stategy: Asia – Olga Bolkunova
Blockchain Product Strategy – Dmitriy Khizhinskiy

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