TNCoin is presented to the world as the first tokenized real estate fund, which is built on the consensus protocol of Stellar Lumens blockchain network. TNCoin is pegged to real estate investments. The reason for doing this is to provide an asset backing which hardly depreciates in value, so as to provide stability and growth potential to this token.

The Problem

Real estate comprises of land as well as residential and commercial building. Real estate tends to appreciate in value over time, but it has a major drawback: it is not a liquid asset. It can take years to get a property off the market and pocket the cash from such a transaction. Therefore, anyone looking for quick cash will find that real estate assets cannot fill this need when it is badly needed. In contrast, an individual or entity who owns a securitized asset, be it in real estate or other sectors of an economy, will find it easier and faster to liquidate such assets in exchange for cash. If two entities approach a bank for a loan, it is more likely that the entity with securitized assets will get the facility, over the entity with a real estate asset.

Another problem that has been found in the real estate market is the inability of retail investors to handle the risk of existing securitized real estate assets. This was the situation in 2008 that led to the collapse of the subprime mortgage market in the US, with the attendant global financial crisis. This shows the need to create securitized real estate assets that unsophisticated investors can easily understand and partake in.

The Solution

TNCoin will operate on the Stellar Lumens consensus protocol, which will offer TNCoin holders the opportunity to store their tokens on the Stellar Lumens wallet. Stellar connects payment systems, financial infrastructure and people. This makes it suitable for a project such as TNCoin. Using TNCoin, users can buy into choice real estate projects and enjoy the capital appreciation that comes with real estate investments, while retaining the power to sell off any holdings for immediate monetization on the exchange. No more will investors have their monies trapped in hard-to-sell real estate projects.

Image of TNCoin ICO review of smart contract.

TNCoin also presents a decentralized built-in exchange (DEX), which will allow verified buyers and sellers of the TNCoin token to interact and carry out transactions once the ICO ends, within the in-built regulatory framework and without government oversight. The DEX will eliminate the delays that come with listing on 3rd party exchanges, and will enable token holders to monetize their assets in a quick and secure manner.

It does not stop there. TNCoin tokens can be used to collect rents on properties, and will serve as the store of value of listed projects. TNCoin also provides a directory of properties for investment, thus serving as a standardized market for all forms of real estate investments.

Why the Blockchain Technology is Needed

The TNCoin Project is deployed on the blockchain so as to benefit from the features that the blockchain offers.

a) Security: Transactions are secure on the blockchain as it requires several confirmations, which eliminates fraud.
b) Transparency: Blockchain projects are transparent and cannot be manipulated by a single individual. Any transactions and real estate deals are publicly viewable and verifiable. A popular scam in some African countries involves the sale of a single property to multiple entities by unscrupulous agents. The blockchain can be deployed to put an end to such scams permanently.
c) Collective ownership and voting rights for every participating entity in a real estate project, which ensures fairness and equity.
d) Confidentiality: All transactions are done confidentially.

What are the pros of the TNCoin project?

a) TNCoin will provide a transparent real estate market.
b) The TNCoin DEX will enable property owners and investors easily and quickly transform their assets into liquid cash through the sale of the TNCoin ownership tokens.
c) TNCoin provides an easier and less risky way to invest or trade in real estate assets.
d) Worried about the risks and costs associated with converting large BTC or ETH holdings into fiat currency? Or worried about price volatility in these two cryptos? Real estate provides an alternative investment to preserve value. Purchasing TN tokens is the answer.

What are the possible cons of this project?

a) Inclusivity may be a problem with this project, as only accredited investors will be allowed to participate in the ICO and pre-sale.
b) There are existing projects that serve as the competition.

Token Economics

The currency of the TNCoin Project is the TN token, which exchanges at a rate of 1 TN to $1. The pre-sale aims to raise $10m. Participants will be awarded a 30% bonus. The ICO proper is to commence on July 30, 2018, and will present a soft cap of $5,000,000 and a hard cap of $50,000,000. Users can purchase TN using Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat currency (VISA cards).

All intending users will be verified using API (international investors) as well as for US investors. Tokens will be stored in Stellar Lumen wallets.

Proposed Allocations

The proposed allocation of the TN tokens is as follows:

• ICO and pre-sale: 80%
• In-house retention: 10%
• Bounty and referrals: 10%

Funds raised will be deployed into asset acquisition (80%), pre-ICO and ICO costs and expenses (10%) as well as reserves and operations (10%).

Future Plans

So what is the plan for the TNCoin Project going forward? This project will be rolled out over a three year period (2017 – 2019). Key points in the rollout plan include the following:

Q3 and Q42017
– Conceptualization and drafting of white paper.
– Assembly of team
– Seed stage financing

Q1 2018
– Legal infrastructure assembled following attendance at Bitcoin conference.

Q2 2018
– Team attends 2nd IBREA conference and discovers the new Stellar protocol
– Project team decides to abandon the use of ERC20 tokenization technology and opts instead for Stellar Lumens consensus protocol.

Q3 2018
– Launch of phase 1 of ICO in July 2018.

For more information, or to view the company’s whitepaper, visit or visit the following links:

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