Q: Hi Leo! Thank you for joining us today. Could you tell us more about yourself and how you got involved in the Elysian project?
A: I’ve been involved in Ecommerce for several years, having helped several clients raise over 10 million USD cumulatively on the Shopify platform, so I’m familiar with the intricacies of Shopify, and also its vulnerabilities which can be exploited to construct a better platform. This is exactly what we envision Elysian to be. I created Elysian in Q1 2017 after I did extensive research into blockchain technology and became infatuated with it, and I needed to find a way to connect it with Ecommerce.

Q: Who is the target audience for the Elysian token (ELY), will it be possible to mine ELY?
A:The target audience for the Elysian token is Ecommerce consumers that purchase tangible goods in merchants’ stores. The token serves as the fuel that drives our ecosystem and will be the most used payment method on our platform. It will not be possible to mine ELY.

Image of Elysian CEO.

Q: What can you tell us about Elysian AI? Give us a few use cases.
A: AI will be used primarily to simplify website navigation in the sense that users will have access to a virtual assistant that can cognitively recognize which items you’ve previously viewed and which items you’d most likely be interested in purchasing, and will direct you to those items.

The main purpose of this is to make online shopping so simple that it basically takes 1 click of the mouse and you’re already at the check out page and ready to purchase the item without having to take unnecessary detours to get to the page that you desire.

Q: You want to integrate Virtual Reality on the Elysian platform; how will it serve the users, will they need special equipment?
A: We’ve recently partnered with Cappasity to integrate their 3D virtual product views into our platform so consumers will have the ability to see vivid graphics of products, which will increase the level of user engagement as well. We expect this also to convert to increased revenue because the detail will be so precise, that it will be as if you are actually in the brick-and-mortar store itself.

Q: For those who are not familiar with the term, what is Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus, and why is it necessary for the Elysian platform?
A: Proof-of-Authority is a consensus mechanism that operates on Ethereum’s private side-chain to distribute data across a private network to prevent a single access point for malicious actors, such as hackers. Each new node will require permission to join the currently existing set of nodes, and you have full control of which nodes seal blocks on the network.

Q: Tell us about the Growth Pool, how do you plan on building this community?
A: The Growth Pool is mainly used to incentivize community members to participate in the Elysian ecosystem by completing tasks such as writing articles, fixing bugs, creating videos and campaigns for potential funding. Participants will receive ELY tokens for completing these tasks.

There will also be a voting system for proposed campaigns which will require 51% positive votes to be accepted for potential funding, assuming that the campaign promotes responsible behavior. The Growth Pool accounts for 35% of our maximum token supply, which is equivalent to 350 million tokens, which will be released over the course of a minimum of 7 years, at a maximum of 50 million tokens per annum.

Q: Tell us about the Elysian platform business model, how does it work?
A: We will have a three-tiered monthly subscription system that will be competitively priced, along with various benefits for each tier. In addition, we will charge only 0.19 USD as a fixed fee per transaction. Our plan is to have a bare minimum of 1% of the total Ecommerce market share by 2024, but this is a very conservative estimate to ensure that, if anything, we exceed our expectations.

Q: What can you tell us about the Elycoin public sale politics (dates, terms, bonuses)?
A: We are currently at the end of our Pre-TGE, which ends on June 18th. The bonus is 100%. The TGE itself will start on June 20th and will be launched on the QRYPTOS platform and will be broken down into three phases:

Week 1 : 50% bonus – June 20th – June 26th
Week 2 : 25% bonus – June 27th – July 3rd
Week 3 : 0% bonus – July 4th – July 8th

Users will be required to complete KYC verification on the QRYPTOS platform.

Q: Tell us about the Elysian ecosystem, what will it comprise (i.e. Platform, Wallet, Mobile App, Token etc.)?
A: The ecosystem will be comprised of a wide variety of aspects. The platform is the motherboard essentially, which merchants will build their stores on, and the mobile wallet will be a connector in the sense that users can transfer assets to and from the wallet to the platform to purchase goods or use our atomic swap function to swap to whichever cryptocurrency they desire to purchase.

In addition we will use the ELY token to transact both on the platform and within the forum as a pure utility token and we will incentivize users to hold our token by implementing our membership program, where community members will be able to earn benefits by holding a certain amount of ELY tokens.

There is three tiers to the membership program. The private blockchain implementation, combined with the AI, VR, and Atomic Swap integration will allow Elysian to thrive in an industry that is predominantly controlled by projects which are only blockchain-based. We will also have access to the massive Ecommerce market and its user base as well.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge so far working on the Elysian project?
A: My biggest challenge has been dealing with strict time constraints to not only complete vital tasks and make extremely important decisions for the company, but also coordinating various tasks with each department because a lot of the tasks become intertwined within several departments because of the massive workload involved.

Q: Moving on to more personal stuff, what does a typical day in your life look like?
A: I’m dealing with several companies that assist Elysian, and speaking with people constantly in various time zones, so I am always on calls and in meetings with either the team, advisors, investors, or companies that work for us. I use various platforms such as Slack and Telegram to coordinate also because I don’t always have the time to take calls and these platforms are very helpful with coordinating business related decisions.

I am always using whatever little free time I have to research aspects of the project that can be improved, and finding solutions for these areas of the project to make Elysian as strong and well-rounded as possible.

Q: Could you share your 3 predictions for the next 5 years of crypto/blockchain economy?
A: I would expect a huge bull market in the near future. I believe that the total market cap will eventually go into the Trillions in USD, and blockchain will reach mass adoption shortly because of its real-world application.

It’s simply brilliant and right now it’s still basically on the ground floor but when it hits that point of mass adoption it will break through and take over. I also believe that regulation is not far away and that the volatility of the market will drastically decrease when this happens eventually.


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