Anonymous Offers Russian Soldiers Over $50K Worth of Bitcoin for Each Surrendered Tank (Report)

The notorious hacker organization – Anonymous – has reportedly offered Russian troops payments in bitcoin to hand over their tanks. The group would pay more than $52,000 in BTC for each surrendered combat vehicle.

BTC in Exchange for a Tank

The Ukrainian side has been trying to stop the Russian invasion not only by weapons and direct combats but also by striking them digitally. A few days ago, Mykhailo Fedorov – Ukraine’s Vice PR – announced the government will create an IT army. “We need digital talents. There will be tasks for everyone. We continue to fight on the cyber front,” he explained.

The intercontinental hacker group – Anonymous – has also conducted several cyber-attacks on Russia. In just two days, the organization breached more than 300 Russian targets collecting over RUB 1 billion (around $10 million).

In another attempt to lessen the power of the Russian forces and make extra profits, Anonymous reportedly offered tank crews $52,000 worth of bitcoin for each surrendered battle machine. Those who wish to exchange such vehicles for cryptocurrency need to wave a white flag and use the password “million” so that the hacking group can recognize them.

“Russian soldiers, everyone who wants to live with their families, children, and not die, the Anonymous global community has collected RUB 1,225,043 in bitcoin to help you,” their message states.

Anonymous declared war on Vladimir Putin at the end of February. Back then, the group warned that Russia’s leader will “face unprecedented cyberattacks from all corners of the world” should he not stop his invasion of Ukraine.

The Western World Trying to Stop Putin

Despite not entering into direct military combat with Russian forces in Ukraine, the “big powers” have declared economic war on Russia.

The EU imposed a ban on transactions with the Russian Central Bank, aiming to cut its monetary connection with Western Europe.

The UK has also introduced similar measures. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asserted that Russian banks will be excluded from the UK financial system.

The USA joined the club, too, by cutting off a dozen major state-owned companies from raising money in the States; these include energy corporation Gazprom and Sberbank – Russia’s biggest financial institution. In addition to those sanctions, a spokesman of the Biden administration stated:

“Our strategy, to put it simply, is to make sure that the Russian economy goes backward. As long as President Putin decides to go forward with his invasion of Ukraine.”

These embargoes caused many Russians to turn to cryptocurrencies as an alternative financial instrument. Despite many requests to halt servicing such users, leading digital asset platforms, including Binance and Kraken, decided not to.

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