‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Currency Has Basically Turned into a Total Scam, SHOCKING, We Know!

The grift only goes so far apparently. Only a month ago, it looked like the “Let’s Go Brandon” Ethereum cryptocurrency looked like a sure winner. How could a coin with “F-K Joe Biden” (Translated) not be worth a fortune in MAGA world? It is tough to tell because it’s tough to tell anything about cryptocurrency, or the MAGAs.

All we know is that this is one damning quote:

So much so that the value of all 330 trillion coins totals just a few thousand dollars combined, according to the trading sites CoinMarketCap and Crypto, a far cry from the days of pro-Trump investors believing they could strike it rich in the ever-complex world of crypto.

And some big right-wing figures were pushing the coin, such as political pundit Candace Owens and Ryan Fournier, the founder of Students for Trump.

This is not going to be one of those “No harm, no foul” things where there wasn’t a lot of money invested into its creation. As part of its creation, the company aligned with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who is promoting the coin on his car. He signed a “two year, eight-figure” deal for that promotion. Someone is going to have to come up with the eight figures and it’s not going to be paid by LGB crypto.

According to Yahoo News:

To some observers, the collapse was a foregone conclusion. “They tried to monetize on a viral outbreak. Did it surprise me when something without value shot up and immediately shot down upon release? No,” said David Silver, an attorney who has represented aggrieved crypto investors since 2014.

And though the crypto markets are riddled with scams, according to Tim Swanson—who blogs about crypto and works as head of market intelligence at the blockchain company Clearmatics—the danger to investors is always higher with niche “meme coins.

Who knew there was such a thing as “meme coins”? No one at this site. And who knew you could go wrong in monetizing “Let’s Go Brandon!”? No one at this site, we would’ve thought the MAGA couldn’t get enough.

Just goes to show, if you’re going to grift off MAGAs, stick to hats, $30,000 pictures, and just emails asking for checks.


jmiciak@yahoo.com with Nicole Hickman

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