Elon Musk Made Electric Cars Possible, But These Guys Are Taking It Up A Notch With Flying Cars


Imagine a world where you could save time by avoiding traffic jam and by doing so you would also be environmentally friendly. And cool. And you will pay with the McFly token.

Because, well, you would fly.

Sounds good?

It’s not that far away in the distant future.

More info: mcfly.aero

“Obviously, I like flying things, but it’s difficult to imagine the flying car becoming a scalable solution.” – Elon Musk, 2017

That’s pretty much what they used to say about mobile phones, the Internet, the first cars or any other „weird” technology. Of course, there are a lot of challenges. There were challenges in making the electric cars possible, too.

But it sure does worth trying. And these guys at McFly are taking it up to the next level, by creating an incubator for air taxi industry. Yes, that is happening! Next time you want to get in time at that surprise birthday party in, let’s say, New York, maybe you won’t be late…

Render image with flying car over New York.

The first McFly test flights are already planned for 2018 and the McFly token distribution starts on the 5th of April 2018. A bold new technology is brought to life by another!
Entrepreneurs in 23 cities already have started to work and create the infrastructure needed for air taxi to launch.

“McFly is a truly remarkable way to make an air taxi worldwide.” – Keith Teare, technology entrepreneur and McFly advisor.

It’s impossible not to get excited at the thought of travelling above the city and not getting suffocated by it instead.

McFly flying cars are known as eVTOL AAV. They are economical and environmentally friendly, will solve the problem of traffic jams, are two size classes (2-seaters and 4-seaters), with autopilot or pointing directions and are up to 10x faster than normal cars! Also, they look amazing!

Image credits: mcfly.aero

Image of flying car over Dubai. Can be paid with McFly token.

McFly has the technology, the business model, the regulation context is already in progress and the market, being the people ready to use these cars, we would say it’s there and it’s enthusiastic!

Mark our words: travel as we know it, the public transport systems too, will both change. Start-ups like Mcfly give us the opportunity to be a part of this change, to really get involved, to fly. Read our McFly ICO review to learn the details of this project.

What about you?

Do you… believe you can fly? 🙂

Image credits: mcfly.aero



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