How Does The Internet React To Sheldon Explaining Bitcoin (Big Bang Theory)


When you’re in doubt of something and you barely keep up with all the fast changes in the world, before you make any decision or form an opinion, you should always check what an expert has to say. Or, you know, just listen to Sheldon’s peculiar insights about Life, the Universe and Everything else (also, read that book).

The Bitcoin Big Bang Theory episode aired on Thursday, November 30, 2017 and the Internet is still reacting or rewatching it.

The approach is superficial, surface-level, barely explains for real anything about the system and the way everyday crypto start-ups are changing and disrupting the way things evolve in a lot of fields. There is also this money obsession and the dream of suddenly becoming rich. Nevertheless, all of these perfectly reflect the way some of the investors, society and our neighbours actually see and understand cryptocurrencies.

The reactions appeared even before the episode was aired, with people speculating about the sitcom’s impact in the crypto world.

As the world started to pay more attention to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the year, people also remembered how it was mentioned in The Big Bang Theory show.

Some of the twitters even blamed the show for Bitcoin’s „death” on February, this year…

Other people simply consider the episode as a game-changer…

… or not! 🙂

Others point out the fast changes Bitcoin is going through, as Joseph Young, finance and cryptocurrency analyst mentioned in a tweet the already outdated information about Bitcoin’s price in the episode. Another crypto enthusiast mentioned this also:

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It’s really nice to see reactions about the way money – crypto included – can affect our friendships and relationships with other people, too. Of course, everyone may see things differently, but the discussion is On. This is one of the subjects the show approached during the episode.

While some were happy after watching the episode, others, as Stephen here, got… depressed, or, as Andy, annoyed.

Have you watched it? If so, what do you think?


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