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1Password crypto NFT updatePassword manager 1Password has rolled out a new update this week making it easier for users of the Phantom digital wallet to manage cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs built on the Solana blockchain. 1Password is currently working on a number of partnerships and this is the first of a new generation to make it easier for “everyone, regardless of their technological proficiency, to protect everything that’s important to them” explains today’s press. Phantom is a free digital wallet you can use to manage crypto currencies and other digital assets using the new iPhone app directly from your browser.

1Password crypto NFT update

“Starting today, if you create a Phantom wallet in your browser – and have an active 1Password membership – you’ll see a Save in 1Password button. Choosing this option will save everything you need to access your Phantom wallet and safely trade Solana-based tokens and collectibles. Here at 1Password, we want to help secure everything that’s important to you, including your cryptocurrency wallets. We believe your keys and recovery phrases deserve the same level of protection as your credit and debit card numbers, medical records, and everything else you have stored inside 1Password.

Know someone who thinks crypto is too complicated or overwhelming? So do we. Most people don’t know what a recovery phrase is, or what will happen if they lose it. We know that getting started and securing your hard-earned investments should be simpler.

That’s where 1Password comes in. 1Password has always been a place to store wallet addresses, private keys, and login credentials for cryptocurrency exchanges. But with the Save in 1Password button, it’s now easier than ever for Phantom wallet owners to gather and protect this information. We’ve also created a new item type for cryptocurrencies in 1Password, with clearly-labeled fields for everything you might want to store.”

For more details on the new 1Password crypto update jump over to the official new site by following the link below.

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