Crypto Wallet Supposedly Belonging To Jimmy Fallon Bought Trump NFT And 'Let's Go Brandon' Crypto Coins

A crypto wallet housing a Bored Ape NFT reportedly owned by Jimmy Fallon has come to light after the Tonight Show host showed off the cartoon ape during a broadcast of his show on January 23rd.

Digital wallets are devices that allow users to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies and assets such as NFTs. While it’s unconfirmed whether Fallon actually uses or owns the crypto wallet that purchased the Bored Ape he showed off last week, the wallet’s history shows that it’s been previously seen buying a Donald Trump NFT, as well as investing in a Let’s Go Brandon crypto coin, as noted by Twitter user @ZaneGTCooper last Tuesday.

Further delving into the associated wallet, the Bored Ape shown is number 599 from the collection, and the OpenSea page shows that it was transferred from one wallet to another on November 8th, 2021, months before the promotional bit occurred.

When clicking on the hyperlink shown in the date, it takes you to the Etherscan page that shows who had the NFT and who bought the NFT, with the seller being Moonpay.Eth, the one many celebrity NFTs come from, and the receiver being “Jimmy Fallon.”

With this information, we can gather that the wallet holding the BAYC NFT Fallon claims to own is listed on OpenSea and on Etherscan, and the wallet on EtherScan has his name attached to it. Furthermore, clicking on the Wallet ID on Etherscan brings up the account and all the logs of previous transactions, as the blockchain is a public ledger, so anyone is able to see it.

Viewing the tabs to see the history of the wallet, it shows that 72 days ago (November 22nd) it had exactly 1,776 of “Let’s Go Brandon” coin transferred to it for a fee of .007 ETH, approximately $20 at the time of this article.

This transaction isn’t the only one like this, as mere days after showing his Bored Ape publicly, the crypto wallet and OpenSea account that holds the Bored Ape Fallon claims is his minted a Donald Trump NFT from a collection called Trump McNifty. Unlike just holding an NFT, which can happen when someone sends it to you without you having to confirm it, minting an NFT requires one to sign in to a site, connect your Ether Wallet, and then hit the “mint” button during the available window.

This NFT, of Trump dancing while Nancy Pelosi is behind him, was minted by the account from the Null Address source, meaning there was no middle man involved.

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