From the Lab: Review a Crypto or Blockchain Product, Earn an NFT

At G2, our marketplace is driven by authentic, vetted, and verified reviews from real software users. When you pass on your feedback – whether it’s positive or negative – it helps others make more informed software purchasing decisions while also helping software sellers improve their offerings.

It might be your review that helps another buyer save thousands, or prevents them from purchasing a solution that isn’t the right fit for their needs. Or it may inform a software seller on how to optimize their customer experience or advance their features.

Because reviews are essentially the lifeblood of the software industry’s future, we want to thank those who take the time to provide this crucial feedback to help others. For paying it forward. Our G2 Labs team is always innovating with new ideas – including how to say ‘thank you’ in a different way than a traditional gift card. After all, Entrepreneurship is the “E” in our PEAK values.

So, what is the latest way we are saying thank you to our valued reviewers? NFTs. That’s right. In partnership with 3D and augmented reality visual commerce company ThreeKit, G2 will be minting 100 unique NFTs. Designed by acclaimed artist Zach Flaman and featuring our mascot Monty, these will be handed out to folks reviewing any cryptocurrency or blockchain software product on Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know NFTs have been all the rage lately. This is your chance to swap a review for a unique piece of software history. Stay tuned for the next idea we come up with, and feel free to share any you think we should consider. Until then, back to the Lab for me.

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