In Real Life NFT Is All Set To Bring A New NFT Gallery To London -

On March 30, NFT artists, pioneers, and industry leaders will gather in person at the In Real Life NFT event. The one-day conference will bring a new NFT gallery to London. It will showcase pieces from top NFT artists.

Partners Ethereal Collective and Zebu Live are holding the conference with a vision. They want to highlight the significance of NFTs in real life.

In Real Life NFT to Focus on Three Major Themes

Three panels will focus on three main topics. One would be on DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Speakers will highlight how pioneers are implementing DeFi into NFTs. Another theme is on merging NFTs with physical and traditional art.

Finally, In Real Life NFT will also tackle the many ways NFTs are entering the Metaverse and online games.

Expounding on these topics are 12 web 3 experts. These include Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO of Aave, a leader in DeFi. His company has recently launched the Lens Protocol. It’s the framework that enables decentralized social media.

Also gracing the event is Jordi van de Bussche. He’s an NFT influencer who helps build the Metaverse.

Moreover, Vault Hill Founder and CEO, Jimi Daodu, will also share his expertise as a speaker.

“The IRL NFT LDN event is the first event in a year-long schedule of Ethereal Collective NFT events,” says Jack Smillie. Smillie is the Co-Founder of Ethereal Collective.

“We will be shining a light on the NFT industry through showcasing both established and community artists. London represents a perfect opportunity to promote NFTs and their significance through growing the world’s largest decentralized art galleries.”

NFT Gallery to Feature Top Artists and Projects

Over 20 NFT artists and 40 projects will join In Real Life NFT. These include World of WomenTony SellenApe Gang, and Paul Kenton.

Furthermore, an NFT auction will feature some of the most famous London artists. This auction will complement the talk on bridging physical and NFT art.

Part of the proceeds will go to charities the artists support. This entire arrangement circles back to the overall conference theme. Truly, they’re bringing NFTs closer home.

In Real Life NFT Supporters

Supporting IRL NFT are big names in the industry. These include SparkSelby AndersonDoge Pound, and LithiumNFT Evening also joins the band, along with U TodayThe Defiant,  and Global Crypto Club. Meanwhile, NEAR Future and Fae NFT are also giving their support.

If the conference interests you, you can book tickets until event day.

Ethereal Collective

Ethereal Collective aims at merging the physical and digital through live exhibits. Every event they hold is an opportunity to showcase digital art to the masses.

Zebu Live

Created by Zebu Digital, Zebu Live is a web 3 & crypto Conference. Zebu Digital, a web 3 marketing agency, has organized the event to gather web 3 industry leaders. This year’s Zebu Live is taking place on September 22-23. These dates sit in the middle of the London Web 3 Week (Sept 19-25).

Participants of In Real Life NFT may experience a taste of the bigger Zebu Live.

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