Monte Crypto NFTs are exciting and rewarding utility-based NFT collections that are expected to be a big hit with online gamers and digital investors.

Costa Rica – Monte Crypto NFTs are reported to be an exclusive set of two utility NFT collections that are set to make their debut with a bang. The NFTs are hosted on the Solana network and will provide holders of the NFTs with various rewards and benefits in the Monte Crypto Online Gaming experience. The Monte Crypto Online Games has a rapidly approaching launch date scheduled for March 1st, 2022. Development has already started on their Online Games implementation where the Monte Crypto gaming utilities will play a central role.

“We are excited about the launch of our NFT collections, which will maximize utility in the Monte Crypto Online Gaming experience and also integrate into the future gaming applications planned in our Metaverse,” says Sunny, a representative from Monte Crypto. “Our NFT collections are planned to provide novel and unique bonuses and rewards in the upcoming fully immersive 3D virtual reality gaming environment. We have a solid team that has worked hard to design and develop the collection.”

The Monte Crypto NFTs will be comprised of two NFT collections where each NFT collection is reported to be unique in its own way. The first is the Monte Crypto Genesis NFT collection and is said to consist of 7,777 NFTs with varying attributes and rarities. All Genesis NFTs will provide rewards with a tiered reward sharing strategy to ultimately share a total of 50% of the Monte Crypto Online Games rewards via a monthly airdrop. The second is the Count of Monte Crypto NFT collection and is said to consist of 777 NFTs that will have several features in the Monte Crypto Online Gaming experience, including free spins, NFT Jackpot Bonus Sharing (% of royalties), Rakeback Upgrades, and Metaverse Alpha/Beta Testing.

Monte Crypto promises to delight the gaming community with its unique proposition that lets gamers earn rewards playing exciting games in their Metaverse. It adds another dimension to the online gaming world that continues to evolve every day with the incorporation of innovative ideas and technologies. By integrating DeFi with blockchain gaming, Monte Crypto will script a new chapter in the world of NFT-based games.

The Monte Crypto Online Games will accept most cryptocurrencies including Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, etc., and will continue to add more in future. The team behind the Monte Crypto Online Games collaborated with iGame partner Gammastack, a well-known iGame company with over 8 years of iGaming experience, over 250 team members, and more than 500 projects. Development has recently switched to an internal development team with Frontend, Backend, and Python engineers. The Monte Crypto Online Games will have over 3000 games sourced from more than 40 game providers and will include table games, and live table games among others.

The Monte Crypto Online Gaming experience is planned to be a fully immersive virtual reality gaming environment that is currently under development. Several 3D assets and entities have already been developed and more of them are in various phases of development.

Integration of the Monte Crypto NFT collections into the Monte Crypto Online Games will provide an edge to the player experience versus current NFT and Online Games implementations today.

“Today, millions of online gamers across the world devote substantial time in the virtual world for both recreation and work. By introducing NFT rewards, we are empowering our users to increase their income through our in-game reward system,” explains Sunny.

Blockchain is growing rapidly, and several innovative ideas and concepts have been launched based on this novel technology. NFT powered games have caught on like anything as they offer real digital ownership of the in-game items by turning them into NFTs. Some of the NFT collections have raked in incredible valuations, making them a lucrative asset class for blockchain gamers and enthusiasts.

The global NFT market has undoubtedly turned heads in 2021 and continues to make headlines with the increasing popularity of digital assets and NFT based rewards in online games.

Monte Crypto aims to set a precedent by harnessing blockchain technology and NFTs to build an integrated economic and social fabric that will transform the online gaming industry. The Monte Crypto ecosystem will play a significant role in building a decentralized player-owned economy, where participants are rewarded for their skills and performance in the metaverse.

“As our metaverse evolves, users can expect to see more exciting features soon,” remarks Sunny. “We are committed to making our metaverse more exciting and rewarding to our NFT holders.”

Monte Crypto NFT collections have all the elements to rapidly appreciate in value. It is a great opportunity for online gamers and digital art collectors to get in early on the action and get their hands on this wonderful collection. As more blockchain investors become proud owners of Monte Crypto NFTs, the floor price will go up fast.

More details about Monte Crypto Online Games launch plans and timing will be announced and shared on the Monte Crypto discord.

For more information about Monte Crypto NFT collections and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit the website.

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