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Spark has announced the closure of their seed fundraising round which was led by a number of high-profile investment firms, including Genesis Block Ventures Magnus Capital, Alphabit Fund,and Pluto Digital Assets

The unique marketplace reimagines on-chain project participation and aims to transform the NFT launch space by solving issues that are prevalent in NFT whitelisting by putting all prediction events on-chain, making it trustless, and eliminating false launch starts, and giving members access to only the highest-quality projects. 

Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs) is a feature described by Spark as “a proprietary mechanism whereby accurate predictions on future outcomes and events — such as floor price or trading volume — grant users allocation in upcoming NFT launches”.  In essence Spark provides accurate predictions on future outcomes and events which grants users allocation in upcoming NFT launches. 

Spark Co-CEO and Web3 entrepreneur Joshua Verheul commented on the successful raise:

“Spark’s successful raise is one crucial step to take for continued development of our on-chain marketplace. I myself and the team are thrilled to contribute to solving some of the most pressing issues within the NFT launch space – something that we believe will benefit the ecosystem as a whole. We’d like to thank all of our strategic partners for helping us achieve our vision.”

As part of their mission to drive mainstream adoption and increase fairness within the crypto community, Spark aims to build a community of like-minded individuals, Spark’s ‘Spark Hub’ will feature weekly and monthly prediction tournaments and guilds.

Andre Caldeira, Marketing Lead at Spark further commented on the seed round close, noting:

“I am very grateful for the chances the investment firms have given Spark. This seed raise will allow us to create the fair, fun, and interactive prediction events for the crypto community that we strive toward. The FPL mechanism of Spark is wholly new and unparalleled, allowing distribution of tokens in the most equitable and engaging fashion. We simply wish to bring more control and fairness to the NFT market, rewarding our members for their participation, and this fundraising milestone sets us up for success in achieving that vision.”

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