Satoshi’s Index Launches the First Ever NFT Offering Crypto Investment Automation that Tracks a Proprietary Index |

A diverse group of quant traders, marketers, and technologists build a revolutionary new way to use NFT tech for decentralized finance

Seattle, WA – 01/24/2022 – A diverse team of quant traders, marketers, and technologists have launched Satoshi’s Index, the first ever DeFi NFT offering a crypto investment automation tool tied to a proprietary index, set to be minted in Q1 of 2022.

Designed as a utility NFT, Satoshi’s Index represents the next evolution in NFT and decentralized finance tech. Rather than solely providing an ownership log of digital art, each Satoshi Index NFT will act as a key that unlocks access to the crypto investment tool and its user interface. The trading algorithm will execute buys based on an index comprising the 10 most popularly traded crypto currencies at any given time, providing NFT holders with a free, easy and intuitive dollar-cost average solution to diversify their crypto holdings.

The original minting will feature 999 individual Satoshi NFT keys. The individual NFT keys, paired with an email and preferred exchange (launch supports Binance and Coinbase), will grant NFT holders unlimited access to the index, bot, and UI. Selling the NFT will disable access to the bot, but allow holders to profit further by selling their Satoshi Index NFT on the secondary market.

“We made Satoshi’s Index for ourselves originally. We were tired of missing out on the largest crypto run ups and new coins with the highest gains,” says veteran crypto and advertising professional, Kevin Villatoro, co-founder of Satoshi’s Index. “Satoshi’s Index was a way to bring proven, legacy investment methods like dollar-cost averaging and index funds to the wild west of the crypto world.” 

“I’m bullish on crypto, blockchain tech and all things Web3. The idea of building a tool that helps our community navigate the ever-evolving maze that is crypto, was a no-brainer for me” says Lennox. The Southern African quant trader and co-founder of Satoshi’s Index has spent most of his career building software for large fortune 500 companies. “Big banks, funds, and institutions use tools like this everyday. Creating simple and transparent tech solutions that solve real world problems is one of my passions. I’m excited about the opportunity to give the little guys in crypto a leg up. That’s the philosophy behind Satoshi’s Index.”

The original minting will occur in February 2022, pending bot, UI, and authentication beta testing.

About Satoshi’s Index:

Satoshi’s Index is a crypto investment automation tool, that allows you to seamlessly Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) invest into the most popular crypto currencies from a proprietary index. The index tracks the most popular coins by trading volume every month, allowing you to instantly diversify into coins that are most likely to continue to gain in value. All with no active research required. The NFT acts as the key to access the trading bot.

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