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This insightful blog delves into some of the best crypto NFT mobile games that allows you to explore web3 world on android and apple devices

When it comes to NFT gaming on mobile devices, knowing where to start might be challenging due to new and exciting titles coming almost every week. The mobile gaming industry is a massive one, and tapping into it can greatly increase the popularity of Web3 games. Unfortunately, the mobile expansion of NFT-based games is hampered by the restrictions of industry giants like Apple and Google Play. Apple demands that NFT games should pay a 30% tax for each transaction.

There are several incredible play-to-earn crypto games available for you to check out on Apple and Android, and while certain blockchain games have dominated the industry for a while, others are providing more interesting prospects for gamers.

Axie Infinity Origins

In Axie Infinity Origins, players build teams out of a seemingly unlimited variety of creatures known as Axies and utilize them in battle. They can compete against other players in the Arena or take on the game’s evil Chimeras in the Adventure mode to see who can clinch the leaderboard.

As an innovator in the play-to-earn genre, Axie Infinity offers hefty in-game rewards and NFTs for completing missions, leveling up, and even just having fun. Origin, a mobile-optimized release, launched in May 2022 with updated visuals. It became available on the iOS App Store in May of 2023 for free download.

Blood and power have molded the world ever since the Splintering. Primal energies are being harnessed and released as factions fight for power.

Splinterlands is a multiplayer TCG that aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia for both gathering Pokemon and engaging in fierce battles in Hearthstone. Cards in Splinterlands, in contrast to those used in more common card games, have real-world worth and impose ownership on their bearers. This gorgeous deck-building strategy TCG is optimized for mobile devices. The beauty of this game is that despite its simple rules, players find it really challenging to become an expert at it.

Undead Blocks NFT Game

Undead Blocks is a thrilling zombie survival experience. It’s a first-person shooter where you can assemble special weapons and kill waves upon waves of zombies.

If you enjoy first-person shooters and are a fan of The Walking Dead, you will enjoy this game. Solo, Squads, SpeedRun, and Massacre are just some of the unique game modes available.

Undead Blocks also incorporates the “play to earn” mechanic, where players receive in-game rewards for their participation. Players can earn Zbux, the in-game currency, as a reward for killing zombies. In addition, through the acquisition of governance tokens, players gain a voice in the game’s ongoing evolution. Undead Blocks is intriguing to players who want to feel as in control as possible because it supports a wide variety of controllers. Additionally, a mobile browser version is available, and the company plans to release native apps in the second quarter of this year.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a Blockchain-powered e-sport that can be played on any mobile device. With weekly tournaments, monthly events, and enticing awards, players may test their strength in a wide variety of game modes, from the traditional MOBA tower rush to the more recent battle royale. The game provides opportunities for both teamwork and personal excellence. Thetan Arena, an action-packed game, runs smoothly on mobile devices, establishing the perfect balance between thrill and pleasure. It’s also important to note that users may check out the game by joining as “guest players.”

Galaxy Fight Club NFT

With Galaxy Fight Club, users can pair up their favorite NFTs in a tournament for fame and real cash. In the realm of cross-IP PVP NFT games, Galaxy Fight Club stands out as the pioneering example. Its development was driven by the NFT Universe concept. The game offers cross-platform capabilities, allowing gameplay on both mobile devices and personal computers.

Galaxy Fight Club aims to embody the spirit of Nintendo in the Web3 era. Unlike building a closed ecosystem, it is built on the fundamental belief that digital objects and assets deserve the ability to interact fairly and equitably within an open and unrestricted market.

In Upland, users may trade virtual properties based on real-world locations via the blockchain. It is based on the EOS blockchain and uses a collectible token called UPX. Owning many homes and distinctive landmarks can provide players with a steady stream of passive revenue. The game provides its players with a custodial web3 wallet and a marketplace. Upland can capture value from the digital economy and can transfer to the physical world.

League of Kingdoms

All of the land and assets in League of Kingdoms belong to the individual players. Anyone can play League of Kingdoms without requiring any special training or comprehension of crypto terminologies, which is its most appealing aspect. Also, having Land NFTs is not necessary for resource farming. This real-time strategy game is a great activity to kill the time while exploring NFTs.

The list is extensive and there are some other exhilarating mobile games that we will make sure to cover in the second part of this insightful blog. Stay tuned to explore more NFT mobile games!

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