Cyronium ICO combines blockchain with precious gold


Cyronium is a next-generation crypto asset backed by a unique combination of blockchain technology and the value of precious gold. It will also help SMEs to blockchainize their businesses and raise necessary funds through its Cyronium ICO.

Indonesia, June 22, 2018: The crypto space recently witnessed the launch of a revolutionary crypto asset. Indonesia-based PT Ciptalintang Aji Dana has developed a new exclusive crypto asset which is the world’s first to combine advanced blockchain technology with precious gold. Titled “Cyronium”, the cryptocurrency also serves as a potential platform for SMEs to “blockchainize” their businesses.

Cyronium ICO has already launched and it will continue till July 27, 2018. Minimum investment requirement for the purchase of 0.001 CYRO is $2.15.

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Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo, the veteran entrepreneur behind Cyronium explained the new crypto asset carries two core values:

• Future value as crypto token.
• Underlined, bottom or minimum value on the basis of the value of the gold coin. Price of a CYRO token will never be lower than price of gold spots in the international market.

What separates Cyronium from other crypto assets is its great underlying precious metal value. Each Cyronium token (CYRO) is backed by 1 Cyronium coin and each Cyronium coin is worth 20g of gold (24 carat 99% LBMA gold). This coin acts as the keeper of the asset’s lower limit value which means a Cyronium coin value will never drastically drop down to “0”.

Speaking further, Mr. Prasantyo stressed Cyronium serves as a great platform to help small & medium scale businesses with advanced “blockchainzation” of their businesses. SMEs signed up with the new crypto ecosystem will be able to raise fund for their businesses through the Cyronium ICO as Cyronum Blockchain businesses. The business owner will receive funds while the investor will benefit from the profit-shares of the Cyronium Blockchain business- which will consequently increase the demand of Cyronium.

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The in-development Cyronium Blockchain of Cyronium are volko, tree coin as well as koinako. Each of these will be backed by physical assets from real businesses. In regards to Tree coin, the physical asset will be crops planted within business ecosystem under the management of Cyronium. When it comes to Volko, the asset here refers to the businesses owned by SMEs that are managed by Cyronium. For Koinako, the backing physical asset is rented accommodation.

Part of the uniqueness of Cyronium also lays in its most advanced generation blockchain technology. The crypto asset is based on an independent main chain (Nxt platform) and uses more economical Proof-Of-Stake Consensus Algorithm instead of Proof-of-Stake currencies which are several times costlier. Besides, Cyronium uses a high energy-efficient platform that consumes way lesser energy than other cryptocurrencies. The new crypto asset also promises an ultra-secured infrastructure backed by multiple security layers.

“There are 3 main benefits of investing in Cyronium”, explained Mr. Prasantyo.

  • Low risk since the price of CYRO token will never be lesser compared to the price of 20g gold
  • High demand since Cyronium allows SMEs to blockchainize their businesses and the token of those blockchainized businesses could only be purchased by using Cyronium as parent chain
  • High profit for investors always as the gold price is predicted to rise upwards in near future.

At present, investors can buy Cyronium through bank transfer. For more information, please visit


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